Privacy Notice


At Reality Wealth we provide advice and services specifically relating to financial products. This requires us to collect personal and sensitive information from our clients based in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Collecting personal information about you is essential to our ability to conduct our business. We will only collect the information necessary for these purposes and we commit to protecting such information to the highest of standards.

This Privacy Notice takes effect on 25 May 2018 and applies across all the services we provide, which includes our website and mobile application. It sets out the information summarised in the table of contents below;


1.      The categories of personal data we collect

2.      Our Principles of data protection

3.      How we collect your data

4.      How we use your data

5.      Who we may share your data with

6.      How we protect personal information

7.      Retention of personal information

8.      Your rights

9.      How to contact us

1.  The categories of personal data we collect

When we say ‘personal data’ we are referring to identifiable information about you, such as:

  • your name and contact information such as your home and / or business address, email address and telephone number;
  • identity and biographical information including your nationality, date of birth, tax status, passport /national identity card, details of  country of domicile, your employment and employment history, job title and role, educational profile, interests and other information to our provision of professional services;
  • information in relation to your financial situation such as income, expenditure, assets and liabilities, source of wealth, as well as your bank account details and other information necessary;
  • an understanding of your goals and objectives and other information provided to us in connection with our professional services

If you can’t be identified, for example, when personal data has been aggregated and anonymised then this notice doesn’t apply.


2.  Our principles of data protection

Our approach to data protection has been built around our company principles which are at the heart of everything we do relating to personal data. We take a human approach to how we process personal data by being open, honest and transparent.


3.  How we collect your data

Most of the information we collect, we collect directly from you. When we are assessing the suitability of a transaction, we will ask you to provide certain personal information that may include, but not be limited to, the items listed under 1. The categories of personal data we collect.

Occasionally, we might collect personal data about you from other sources, such as publicly available materials or trusted third parties. We may use this information to supplement the personal data we already hold about you, to better inform, personalise and improve our services, and to validate the personal data you provide.

We collect only the information we need for the purposes we have identified to you and we will only use fair and lawful means to do so. Where we collect personal data, we’ll only process it:

  • to perform under the terms of a contract with you, or;
  • where we have legitimate interests to process the personal data and they’re not overridden by your rights, or;
  •  where we have your consent

If you don’t want to provide us with personal data, you don’t have to, but it might mean we cannot perform our role to a suitable standard in order to meet your requirements.


4.  How we use your data

How we use your personal data will depend on whether you are a client, a representative of a client, a business contact or otherwise. First and foremost, we may use your personal data to conduct any services you’ve requested, and to manage our relationship with you. We may also use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • providing a proposal to you or your organisation in relation to the professional services we offer and for client engagement purposes, which may include conducting background checks;
  • managing our relationship with you and / or our clients;
  • collecting and providing information that may be required during the pre- contract phase and / or information we may require to commence the transaction;
  • any information which you give to us, may be disclosed to selected third parties for the purposes of finding the best available product for you and progressing any application;
  • to fulfill our obligations under our terms of engagement, to inform you of any covenants that may fall due during the term of your facility;
  • dealing with any complaints or feedback you may have;
  • any other purpose for which you provide us with your personal data


5.  Who we may share your data with

There will be times when we need to share your personal data with third parties. We will only disclose your personal data to:

  • third parties that may require personal information for us to fulfil our obligations to you under the terms of our contract. In the cases that we are yet to be formally instructed we would anonymise any personal data or achieve your prior consent;
  • regulators, law enforcement bodies, government agencies, courts or other third parties where we think it’s necessary to comply with applicable laws or regulations, or to exercise, establish or defend our legal rights. Where possible and appropriate, we will notify you of this type of disclosure;
  • intermediaries to whom we introduce you to;
  • other people where we have your consent


6.  How we protect personal information

Security is a priority for us when it comes to your personal data. We have comprehensive security procedures to safeguard and protect personal information against theft, loss, unauthorised disclosure, copying, and unauthorised use or modification. These include various organisational measures such as having appropriate policies, procedures and technological measures in place. such as the use of passwords, two factor authentication and antivirus software.

We are responsible for all personal information in our possession. In some instances, service providers, representatives, lenders, insurers and any of their service providers, may be located in other jurisdictions. Your personal information may then be subject to the laws of those other jurisdictions, as well as the laws of the jurisdiction where you live.


7.  Retention of personal information

The length of time we keep your personal data depends on what it is and whether we have an ongoing business need to retain it. We will only keep your personal information in our records for as long as it is needed to fulfil the identified purposes, or as required or permitted by law.

We will retain your personal data for as long as we have a relationship with you and for a period of time afterwards to fulfil the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice. Personal information that is no longer required will be destroyed, erased or made anonymous. When we destroy personal information, we will use safeguards to prevent unauthorised access to the information during the destruction process.


8.  Your rights

Under GDPR you have certain rights relating to personal data we hold about you. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that any personal information we collect and keep is accurate, complete and current as required for the identified purpose. To do so, we will rely to a large extent on you to provide us with accurate information and to inform us of any changes.

You have rights to:

  • obtain access to, and copies of, the personal data we hold about you;
  • require us to correct any inaccuracies and ensure the data held is correct and up to date;
  • require us, in certain circumstances, to restrict processing, or to erase any personal data;
  • object to our continued processing of your personal data by withdrawing your consent, where our use of your personal data is based on that consent

You can exercise these rights at any time by sending an email to

If you’re not happy with how we are processing your personal data, please let us know by sending an email to We will review and investigate your complaint and try to get back to you within a reasonable time frame. You can also complain to your local data protection authority or the Information Commissioner’s Office, they will be able to advise you how to submit a formal complaint.


9.  How to contact us

If you’re curious about what personal data we hold about you or you have a question or feedback for us on this notice, or our services, please get in touch.

Our email is